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Real and Legal Persons who carry out R & D, Software and Design Works as specified in Law No 4691 can apply to Gaziantep Technopark. In addition to these, companies that can offer support and consultancy services to companies located in the technopark (Bank, Cargo, Financial Consultancy and Law Offices, V.B.).
The application is made online at portal.gaziantepteknopark.com.tr
A preliminary application fee is charged for the examination of the application projects by the arbitral tribunal.
The maximum period of 15 days from the evaluation of applications. Within this period, the entire process is completed and the decision of the Technopark Advisory Board is notified to the companies.
The arbitral tribunal consists of experts in the field of activity of the firm and in particular the proposed research and software development projects. Priority is given to the faculty members of Gaziantep University in the appointment of the Ground Jury. Companies are not informed about the members of the Ground Jury.
⇴ Companies that want to carry out or initiate R & D and software projects can apply to Gaziantep Technopark.
⇴ Apart from these, the companies that can provide support and consultancy services to the companies in the technopark (bank, cargo, financial consultancy and law offices, training firms etc.) may take place in the technopark if the manager considers it appropriate.
⇴ At Gaziantep Technopark entrepreneurs, students and academicians who are continuing to study, graduate or doctorate; Faculty members can establish a company in these regions with the purpose of commercializing the results of their research with the permission of the University Administrative Board.
why you should choose the technopark. Here are some important details about:
⇴ Has the perspective of being a business and entrepreneurship center
⇴ International recognition and cooperation with numerous international organizations
⇴ Member of Technology Development Zones Association (TDZA)
⇴ Member of International Business Network.
⇴ Cooperation with exclusive companies
⇴ Qualified offices, meeting and training rooms
⇴ Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

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