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We are a set of companies and people with a common aspect of knowledge and technology.
Wel welcome you to Gaziantep Teknopark

KAYS Contract Signature Invitation
KAYS Contract Signature Invitation

We have previously seen that our ArgeX, Chagan Tech companies have opened their products to global markets by using Crowd Funding / CrowdFunding and kickstarter and indiegogo. themselves…

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Start-up program with TIM-TEB Entrepreneurship
Start-up program with TIM-TEB Entrepreneurship

Organize the TİM-TEB Entrepreneurship and Start-Up program twice a year to create high value-added, export-oriented initiatives and technology…

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Digital Maintenance Summit
Digital Maintenance Summit

Schneider Elecric, Festo, Klemsan, Euchner, Universal Robots such as Turkey's largest industrial automation firms Technopark will provide solutions to digital care summit…

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Knowledgeable People Knowledgeable Companies

We aim to be the fastest developing technology development zone in the country in 2020 with the creation, development and commercialization of advanced technologies with the companies established and supported within our organization.


Together with the creation, development and commercialization of advanced technologies, let's make Gaziantep the fastest developing technology base in our country.

Application Process

You can apply immediately for your projects to be evaluated and to find your potential in the most appropriate environment.

Technopark Area

You are located in a suitable office within the Technopark, benefit from all exceptions and incentives, and you will find business and technology development partners in a synergistic field.

R & D Exemptions and Exceptions ...

We provide many exemptions and support to software, design or R & D activities in the Technology Development Zone until 31/12/2023.

Income and Corporate Tax Exemption

We provide 100% of the Income and Corporate Tax Exemption from the Income and Corporate Tax Exemption from the Technological, Design and R & D Activities of Our Entrepreneur Firms in Technopark Gaziantep.

Stamp Tax Exemption

The companies that are working in our region have prepared From Documents, Due to Document and Seal Printing Operations We provide 100% Exemption by using our Technopark Reference in Stamp and Duty Taxes.

Exemptions in Personnel Fees

R & D Personnel who work in our region can benefit from Income Tax Exemption by 100% We also provide 50% of SSK Premium Support for our employers for 5 years.

Working Permit

All types of business trips Provides Flexibility in Offshore Activity Areas, We give them work permits indefinitely.

Special Exceptions to your Graduate Staff

We have special incentives for companies with staff at the postgraduate level who are present at Gaziantep Technopark Area and we provide Exceptions for these Firms.

VAT Exemption in Software Development

We are applying 18% VAT Exemption for our Company's Systems Management, Data Management, Business Applications, Sectoral, Internet, Mobile and Military Command Control Application Programs.

Customs Duty Exception

We are providing you with 100% exemption from Stamp Duty and Fees from Imported Goods and All Kinds of Funds Exempt from the Imported Items you Need in your R & D Projects.

Basic Science Support

Graduates of Fundamental Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics), which will be required by our Entrepreneurs, are paid to each of the R & D Personnel.

163.138 m²


9200 m²

Indoor Area



1750 m²

Assembly Workshop

Rise and join, or unite and ascend.

Incubation Entrepreneurship


Software Development

Machinery / Electronics



Know Gaziantep Technopark as a Living Area Closer.
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What makes us

Why Choose Gaziantep Technopark by Organized Companies According to the Clustering System.

Floor Kitchen

» There are Refrigerator, Table, and Chair on every floor.


» You can evaluate your leisure time in our gym 24/7 is at your service.

Cafe and refectory service.

» The Forestry Environment is designed for you.

Floor Lobby

» Our Floor Halls will be your alternative solution for your conversations.

Worship Area

» Special Areas That You Can Make Worship In Our Technopark Area Are Allotted.

Car park

» There is a large open car park in our garden and there is no parking problem. We are working for a closed car park.

Central Heathing

» All solutions for heating and cooling of our entrepreneurs are designed as central.


» Hot-Cold Balance Adjusted Central Air Conditioners.


» High Speed ​​Internet System is in every office. We ensure that our guests can also resell.


» OHS Requirements, Full Equipped, Comfortable and spacious offices are waiting for you.

Smoking area

» Special Cleaning Company Clean Your Office and Common Areas Routinely.


» Attentive cleaning services performed routinely.


» Conference Hall, Halls for your Training, Smart Class, VIP Meeting Room Available.

Smart Class

» We have an interactive class that contains one smart board.


» We have a conference room for your activities such as seminars and presentations.

Technopark intercom

» We have a built-in line for you to realize your fast and active conversations.

VİP Meeting room

» There is one VIP meeting room in Technopark area.

Training Hall

» There is one multi-purpose edited one training hall.


» Our Camellias Give A Better Aesthetic Look To Technopark Garden.

Storage area

» Storage areas where you can maintain your products and equipment.

Data Center

» We have a Data Center that provides services to speed up your informatics.


» If you have a business idea, you can develop yourself by joining our TİMTEB Trainings for free.

Special Security

» 7/24 We have a special security unit that protects Technopark.

Camera Surveillance.

» For your safety and security, we conduct 24 hour camera surveillance.

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Real and Legal Persons who carry out R & D, Software and Design Works as specified in Law No 4691 can apply.
Application is made online from the
A preliminary application fee is taken for the examination of the application projects by the arbitral tribunal.
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• GAÜN Labs
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Innovations brought by our team to the region with the slogan "Learn Innovation and Entrepreneurship".

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Yamaçtepe Mah. Burç Yolu Cad. Mahmut Tevfik ATAY Bulvarı ~ 4/A Blok No:Z/18 / Adress Code:3480121437 Build ID:20205645 - Şahinbey/Gaziantep


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